Whose this bish

Well of course I saw someone else doing something I have previously failed at, felt jealous/envious and decided to try and possibly fail AGAIN- but anywho, we have met right? No? Okay well let me introduce myself again–

My name is Kristy, I’ll be 25 on the 21st of Feb, am married to a man named Daniel and together we have two children, Mayson 3 and Molly 18 months. Hubby is currently a stay at home dad/IT Genius and I work part time delivering news papers. I’ve been overweight my entire life and always battled with myself over who I really am, what style and what interests I have- And I’m getting to the point where I need to figure it out and fast because I don’t want my insecurities to rub off on my children and haunt them too.

but enough of the depressing bull shit!!

this is my place to learn, to share, to express, and to grow. I want to share vlogs and tutorials, beauty and life, weight loss ups and downs, product reviews and family.

Stick around, share your stories, follow along and join the fun in watching an adult learn lessons and life.

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