Today we partook in a stand against Child Abuse! Never have I ever done something like this, I didn’t think i would ever have the balls to protest something but when it comes to children, if we don’t stand up for them, who will!?


I don’t even know how i came across this movement but scrolling through Facebook yesterday I came across a post about something called #STOPTHEBUS. They are a family of 6 driving around the country in a Yellow bus taking a stand against child abuse and making a documentary of the country giving a voice to those who don’t have one.


“We are putting our family of 6 on a bus for a year to create a documentary that will implore New Zealanders to face our problem of child abuse.

We have a vision of people from all walks of life linking arms across the length of New Zealand. We want this movement to be so big that is forever etched as a time in New Zealand history where we as a nation stood for something together and committed to change.
As we travel New Zealand; schools, community groups, sports groups, churches and individuals will be invited to come together to make a stand and link arms across a stretch of land in their area. This may include iconic locations of New Zealand, pieces of highway, mountains, rivers, rugged land, lush land.
The changing landscapes and our diverse people coming together will form a symbolic message for the premise of this documentary. “

Their previous turnout was amazing and i knew as soon as i read about it that i wanted to be a part of it. Hubby took a little convincing because it was pouring with rain and really cold but when he soon realized the power this could have and the fact that he didn’t have a choice, He was on board whole heartedly and he got really into it. The Turnout wasn’t as good as i would have hoped for our community but despite the rain and cold, It had to be done!


Kids and jackets in tow we ended up being the first of he group to show up, But the fact the we even had 20 people was better than nothing, Including the local newspaper, (who asked to take a photo of Mayson and Molly, and for once they stood and smiled no questions asked!)

I felt so empowered and happy to be a part of something that could potentially help our countries children! Child abuse and Family violence rates in our country are at an all time high and to be a part of something that could bring light to these things happening behind closed doors and wake the country up from turning a blind eye is the best thing I have ever done.

Mayson, the curious 5 year old that he is wanted to know all about what we were doing and once i explained that we are showing the world that hurting children is wrong and we are standing up for them, he couldn’t stop raving about how cool it was that we were doing that, His first response was ” Because you would never hurt me eh Mummy?” right then i knew that we were teaching our children something powerful, and he was so proud of it, Mayson and Molly could even be In the local newspaper showing the rest of our community their pride for standing up against child abuse, Rain, Hail or shine.

If you want to know when they are going to be in your part of the country so you can stand up too then please go and follow their social media to get all of the latest updates, and donate to their powerful cause by going to their website! Every little bit will help them achieve their goal of creating this Documentary.








Stand up Against Child abuse and give our countries children a voice to be heard!

K x

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