Kosplay Kristy

Have you ever dressed up for a party before? The thrill of finding the perfect costume that looks exactly like the character your dressing up as? Well imagine doing that everyday? embodying that character like you are them, being so inlove or obsessed with a character that you just wanna feel like them for a while. Well THAT is cosplay!

For the first time ever, I cosplayed at Auckland Armageddon!! But funnily enough, I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t even self concious and for me thats a huge deal.. Now lets see if you can guess who I embodied for a weekend…. I bet you totes cannot guess!

Oh okay, You got me…

The One The only “HARLEY QUINN”

As you know I have been obsessed with her since suicide squad was announced, what you didn’t know is that I loved her since before then, it just wasn’t on this extreme of a level! I could go into all the reasons why I’m obsessed but that’s not what I’m writing about. So let’s focus on cosplay! You know that lightbulb revelation feeling you get when you finally find a hobby you enjoy or an interest that sparks something in your soul… for me that is cosplay! And never would I have imagined it… it started with colouring my hair pink and blue and doing the makeup for the release of “suicide squad” in 2016

I felt so free and for once didn’t care what anyone thought of me, as the passion grew stronger I came across some amazing ladies who had already achieved what I wanted to do, so I picked their brains and we became the best of friends. For once in my life I didn’t care that I was too big for the role, I cared about creating annaccurate and comfortable costume for my current size instead of drowning in a see of self doubt and depression about being too fat to pull of a Harley Quinn Cosplay.

So I made it my mission to obtain as screen accurate as possible cosplay for wear to my first convention “Auckland Armageddon 2017”

The first thing I got was the wig form Wigisfashion.com and it is GORGEOUS!! The quality is unlike anything I expected! And it’s so soft!

next was the outfit… so for my plus size rendition, I made my outfit with a skirt instead of the shorts! And man did I love it!! It turned out amazing. I also made the shirt myself and I purchased my Jacket from Fjackets.com I want to do a proper video review on this jacket because it’s absolutely amazing! The quality is incredible and the screen accuracy is impeccable considering the low price!!

I did also make a last minute adjustment to the skirt so you could see the boots underneath it, I purchased the boots from eBay.

Then the last thing I had to master was the makeup, and I think it turned out pretty damn well! I didn’t have access to the tattoos so I drew the face tattoos myself. I’d also like to do a video on this makeup if you would be keen to see it

This process was so much fun to do, I even handmade my gun and baseball bat props as well, seeing how it all came together filled me with so much pride not only in myself but for what I had no idea I was capable of creating. I felt so comfortable in the environment and met some incredibly talented people! And let just say this .. my cosplay is only gonna Get better and better and I cannot wait to put together more versions of Harley! When you find a hobby after having none for years it really fills you with a special kind of passion, and while some people may find it weird and a bit insane, some might even go as far as to call me a freak but I embrace it! Where else can you pretend to be someone you admire and be wholeheartedly accepted and encouraged!! The cosplay community can be brutal but I have experienced nothing but love, encouragement and kindness and I continue to make amazing likeminded friends and I cannot wait for the next convention!!

Oh do ya wanna see how it all looked together??

I also did a prison inmate version for another one of the days! She was super fun to put together too!!

If you’d like to see my cosplays or just follow along with that side of my world – I have a separate Instagram just for my cosplay antics! @hausofharleyquinn

One thought on “Kosplay Kristy

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