My name is Kristy, I am a 25 year old Wife to my Husband Daniel and together we have 2 beautiful children, Mayson (aged 4) and Molly (aged 2). We live in a small city in New Zealand.

I created this space to document my life, marriage and the growth of my children. I battle with depression and anxiety on a daily basis, but most of all I battle with myself. I am my worst nightmare. In hopes to win this lifelong battle I am making small steps and changes to mend past mistakes, I am currently obese, I’m working a job that i’m not 100% I want to keep and am about to start studying Business administration and Computing in hope to get a better job.

I have never known what career path I wanted to follow, I have zero motivation and confidence so in this space you will follow me to become the person I have always dreamed I could be, and a good role model for my children, as well as documenting their lives, writing about my interests and finding the real me.

Super drab intro but at least know the crazy before you board the train.

This is me, Now.  See you when I’m really ME

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