What’s In a Name

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

I wanted to take a bit of time to focus on my brand name. “Spills and Serenity”

Those of you who have ventured over here from my social media would know that I used to go by “MissKriiiisty” when i first started my YouTube channel 4 years ago.

When I became pregnant and after the birth of my son, i struggled for years to keep up with my content, keeping it consistent and keeping up with the beauty blogger category i had put myself into. Beauty and Make up was no longer a priority, i still very much enjoyed it, but i had been given a new hat to wear. The Mom Hat. I was lucky if i wore make up once a week, hell i was lucky if i showered once a week – Gross i know but don’t judge!

My priorities changed, my passions changed, I changed. I did go through a very tough time with postnatal depression as well as the severe clinical depression I was diagnosed with at 14 so i struggled a lot, self-esteem issues were through the roof and i battled my own demons constantly. Then we started trying to conceive Molly, which in turn took me further than ever from the “Beauty Vlogger” category, I wanted to vlog my pregnancy updates, cravings, symptoms, gender prediction tests. All of the things i didn’t know about when we were trying to conceive Mayson. I went through a couple more name changes, (like this blog post if your were around for MissMommmy) but nothing seemed to resonate with how i felt as a person and who i wanted to become.

After ALOT of deliberation back and forth as well as constant admiration of Amber Marie’s¬†consistency and determination (not to mention how pretty) her blog is, during a coffee date one day, I picked her brain. She knew things i couldn’t have imagined about the creativity of a website, things i was so closed off to because i felt like a foreigner in my own space. She threw ideas at me and gave me so many suggestions that when i went home that night it struck me “SPILLS AND SERENITY”. I immediately rang her to see what she thought of the idea and after explaining how i came up with it she loved it, more importantly, I LOVED IT.

For the first time in years I felt like i had found my brand, the name in which to represent my name, my family, and my goals. So here goes.


Kristy – 2 Years

The SPILLS portion of the name references to the ups and downs, the mistakes and messes of mother hood, and the tragedies of drama, self-doubt and the over all emotional roller-coaster that is LIFE



Serenity is the Zen, peaceful body you become when you have reached your goals, accepting you for who you are, changing what makes you unhappy, and becoming the person ou dreamt you could be. Living in a serene world where nothing can get you down because you know who you truly are.


So basically to sum it all up, I want to share my journey from the messy and sporadic life I live now, and work my way to a peaceful and serene life i dream of.

Thank you so much for reading and I would love to hear your stores in the comments.

K x

Fitness Update

So to follow-up from my last post… I have done 2 more walks since, one that almost killed me, and one that didn’t ha ha

Monday last week, 4th of April 2016 Mum convinced me to walk to the lake, around it, and back home again… My Heart Rate literally spiked to over 155 bpm! i had to stop every few minutes and I felt pain in every inch of my body. but aside from all that I was so proud to have pushed through it and just did it. It took me about 3 days to recover in which i haven’t been making the best food choices. ALOT better, but still not great. Then thursday came and I caved in to having a McDonald’s Breakfast.. Naughty I KNOW! the guilt got to me too and i went for a walk to make myself feel better So Mum and I went for a 30 minute walk around the lake, this time we drove there due to my fitness levels being so low i couldn’t handle it the last time. The lake walk is gorgeous so It’s a great incentive to get out and get some exercise, It’s just under 3 kms and takes me about 30 mins to walk around.

With my Diet still not great, the weekend did not consist of any extra exercise, to be fair though, it was pouring rain the entire weekend. Still No takeout, and have been eating a lot more veges but still not the best. Slow and steady wins the race right?

Wednesday came around and I had just finished work at about 6:30 AM and I thought to myself “you know what, before it pisses down with rain again, I’m going to go for a walk” So 6:30 Wednesday morning i went for another walk around the lake.

2016-04-13 07.23.37

It is now Friday, I havent been for another walk, and we just had lasagna for dinner, not the healthiest but i did add 1/3 of a bag of spinach and 3 carrots into the mixture to make it a bit healthier. I also want to note that as much as my day walks have been minimal, i do have a somewhat active job delivering the New Zealand herald 7 days per week, which consists of getting in and out of my car 150 times which according to my fit bit burns around 500 calories depending on how fast i go to get my heart rate up. Mum and i are going for a walk tomorrow to get coffee again so that will be nice.

Now you have a run down of how my last week has gone, I wanted to share with you A haul video I uploaded to my YouTube Channel of all the healthier foods we bought for the week, this will give you a fair idea of how i have been eating.


Healthy Food Haul

I wanted to start a new Series on my blog where i list my top 5 goals for the following week, and every friday i will do a summary of how that week went. so here goes…

My Goals for the week of the 18th April are::

  • Star logging my Meal in My Fitness Pal to keep track of my eating habits and portions and water intake
  • Go for a walk 3 time per week
  • attempt Yoga 1-2 times per week
  • Go to bed before 10pm
  • No Soft Drink

What are your goals for the week? Comment here or TWEET me!

Much Love

K x

Whose this bish

Well of course I saw someone else doing something I have previously failed at, felt jealous/envious and decided to try and possibly fail AGAIN- but anywho, we have met right? No? Okay well let me introduce myself again–

My name is Kristy, I’ll be 25 on the 21st of Feb, am married to a man named Daniel and together we have two children, Mayson 3 and Molly 18 months. Hubby is currently a stay at home dad/IT Genius and I work part time delivering news papers. I’ve been overweight my entire life and always battled with myself over who I really am, what style and what interests I have- And I’m getting to the point where I need to figure it out and fast because I don’t want my insecurities to rub off on my children and haunt them too.

but enough of the depressing bull shit!!

this is my place to learn, to share, to express, and to grow. I want to share vlogs and tutorials, beauty and life, weight loss ups and downs, product reviews and family.

Stick around, share your stories, follow along and join the fun in watching an adult learn lessons and life.